In a private environment, the session can be face to face, or on the phone. It must be payed in advance ; especially on the phone, with paypal. Under-18s are not allowed without their parent's agreement.

I would adwise a small session for a start.




 1) Accept the way I work

 Some of you will know more of it, but basically :

I never use any tools ( no cards, no pendulum..) I don't need ages or dates of birth. I will need your name, and to hear your voice.

According to the ethic rules, I never answer concerning physical health.

Of course, there is no need to describe all the details, but feel free to tell me what is the situation. And when it comes to questions, I need them to be precise. For example, I won't work with questions like " tell me about my future, what will happen next ? " it's too vague . And if  I hear " what do you see in my love/professional life ? " In that case, I always answer "ok, what is it that you want to know ?" 

But, for example : "my boss says he needs to see me, and I'm afraid it's bad news, what's your opinion ?" or " I have no idea if I can trust this man I just met..." that's perfectly precise, it gets to the point right away.


I tell you what I see, hear and feel. I have to transmit the informations as soon as I get them, otherwise, I "loose  track", and this is why I tend to interrupt.

It's inevitably not a usual state, and often I remember informations recieved long ago, but perhaps not the ones I just got a moment ago. 

This is why I advise you to write down what I tell you, what I have seen/heard might not come back, or simply to understand them better with time.



2) Be sincere and do not try to "test" my capacities

Honest behaviour : honest session.

 Lying about anything, asking a question while the answer is already known for sure, hiding important elements, this would only disturb the whole session and lead to mistakes. 

A waste of energy and time, just like inventing or hiding symptoms to a doctor. 

The session is an exchange, mitrust stands in the way.


3) Try to keep an open mind

 A bit like mistrust, being too certain of what my answers might be, can also disturb the session. It's a bit like opening and shutting a door at the same time.  Even I cannot know, of course, what I am going to see...before seeing it. Some answers might surprise you, and although it's rare, some questions might remain unanswered. 

Moreover, I often have access to what is "hidden", sometimes in the contrary of what might seem obvious. 

In other words, let it flow the way it has to, ...we'll see !


4) Mistakes happen

 I wouldn't talk of certainty, it's not an exact science. 

The future will also depend on your choices, and I cannot be held responsible for the informations I get.  

Although it's rare, there are people for whom absolutely no session of any kind can "work", and it's important not to forget it. 

Also, negative emotions can influence the session. 

This is why it is always best to let aside stress or anxiety, as much as possible. 

Just relax...


I believe that, at least up to a certain point, destiny is in our own hands.


nb) If ever, (exceptional case ), I notice right away, that I cannot work with you, I will of course pay you back. However, in case of a disrespectful behaviour or/and an attitude that is clearly contrary to the internal rules, the session will stop immediately and there will be no possible repayment.



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